What should a resource page include?

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    How to Write a Resource Page

    What one thing should be on a business resources page?

    To help you best write your business resource page, we asked content marketers and business leaders this question for their best insights. From providing links to all social media pages to adding a feature for users to get a quote, there are several tips that may help you craft an effective resource page to market your business:

    Here are 9 resource page writing tips:

    • Provide Links to All Social Media Pages
    • Answer Frequently Asked Questions
    • Create a Video Course in Addition to Other Resources
    • Provide Information About Specific and Relevant Business Communities
    • Feature Relevant Blogs Or Articles
    • Add Links to Apps Or Tools You Use
    • Provide Informational Links To Company Processes
    • Include Contact Information for Various Departments
    • Add a Feature for Users to Get a Quote

    Provide Links to All Social Media Pages

    If a person lands on your business resources page, go ahead and dangle your social media icons in front of them. If they're already on your website, it shows an interest in your brand. Take this segment of your website as a portal for growing your social network. Of course, you should also make sure you're giving visitors a reason to follow you on social media. Make sure you're creating regular, engaging content.

    Jae Pak, Jae Pak MD Medical

    Answer Frequently Asked Questions

    Answer a commonly asked question. If you're a real estate agency, you're probably asked about the best ways to finance a home. On your business resources page, list the different types of loans people can apply for. The key is to analyze your target audience and the questions they want answers to. Once you figure those out, include them on your business resources page.

    Isaiah Henry, Seabreeze Management

    Create a Video Course in Addition to Other Resources

    Having a resource page full of quality content is a great way to further engage your customer base, as well as provide them with educational opportunities on a topic or industry that you are passionate about. Consider creating a video course to add to the list of available resources.

    Not only will this further affirm your status as an expert in your field, but can also create an entirely new product for your customers to purchase and engage with.

    Creating a video course is a time consuming task, especially if you are truly aiming to create a quality product. However, if you put the time and care into it you will have given yourself the opportunity to share your valuable knowledge with your customers and venture into a potential new revenue stream.

    Anthony Martin, Choice Mutual

    Provide Information About Specific and Relevant Business Communities

    One thing that should be on a business resources page is information about specific and relevant business communities. Our networks are a foundational source of support, and a good resources page understands that this type of support is just as important as others. Whether these communities are online or on the ground, having the ability to share stories, anxieties and ideas with like-minded professionals is important for our growth, both personally and collectively.

    Stephan Baldwin, Assisted Living Center

    Feature Relevant Blogs Or Articles

    It would be beneficial for visitors to see blog posts or articles that focus on topics relevant to your industry or niche. This way, they can get insights and ideas that are specific to your business without having to wade through pages of information unrelated to their interests. Additionally, ensure you have links to other relevant websites so visitors can learn more about how you're doing and where you fit in the market landscape. Also consider including social media icons and contact info so potential customers can reach out directly if they have any questions or issues with your product or service.

    Johannes Larsson, Junis Group Ltd

    Add Links to Apps Or Tools You Use

    Most businesses and industries use intuitive software to help increase productivity and manage their workflow. There’s likely some kind of tool, software, or app that you find helpful to help run your business. Others will find them helpful too, and will thank you for the recommendation.

    Dan Gray, Kotn Supply

    Provide Informational Links To Company Processes

    A business resource page should include informational links to attract more readers and customers. These links give readers a larger picture of the company’s production and other management processes. It also pushes them to bookmark and share your page and even link back to your site. As a result, increasing traffic to your business and boosting your sales and profit margins. This also makes your business more valuable to others. Remember that more links and shares mean your business will rank higher in Google search results. Having informational links on your resources page also builds trust and authority. As a result, you’ll stand out as a credible business. Any informative link you add to your resources page should highlight the output. In other words, talk about what your business has achieved. This will make you stand out from the crowd and show clients your worth.

    Will Donnelly, Lottie

    Include Contact Information for Various Departments

    A business resources page is a website page that includes additional information about the company as well as contact information for key employees in various departments. For example, the Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce's resource page begins with a roadmap to doing business in the region.

    The rest of the page includes phone numbers for people at organizations that provide access to capital, marketing, finance, location, structure, certifications, and insurance. These are all of the basic things you'll need in order to run a successful company.

    A solid business resources page should leave no question in the visitor's mind about who to get in touch with depending upon their inquiry or interest. It can include a phone number, email address, or both as well as regular business hours so that people know when to reach out. Business resource pages can be organized by topic or department and they should be organized from highest priority to lowest priority.

    Jibran Qazi, MCPD

    Add a Feature for Users to Get a Quote

    Having a "Get A Quote" appear on your business resource page helps you turn prospects into sales. It's a rhetorical approach to attracting clients who are interested in what you can bring to the table while offering a problem-to-solution in a snap. Prospects no longer need to browse various sections on your page for them to know the company's rates. In addition, having a "Get A Quote" link on your resource page enables you to hyper-personalize your marketing strategies as you would be obtaining a handful of crucial information from your prospects. This way, you would know where to attack.

    Alvaro Moreira, Moreira Team

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